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The highlights of our October webinar for CXOs in Retail.

The webinar focused on the burning questions retailers have around the trends and challenges of automation and advanced analytics, and the power of CMX to find profit in the data from their business.

Who are AltViz?

  • The technologies we deploy to help businesses make faster and better decisions for their company

  • Our growth as a VC-backed business

  • The type of work we undertake, for example with our largest customer eBay where we process 40 million listings every two hours in our cloud environment

Key Technology Trends In Insurance & Retail

Key Trends In Insurance

  • Unstructured data processing for P&C insurers, including call handler monitoring and enhanced compliance

  • The agenda of CXOs spurred on by Insurtech

  • The rise of RPAs and the challenges of legacy system integration

Key Trends in Retail

  • Upgrades to core ERPs

  • The drive to speed up decision making

  • Operational automation (with customer-facing and customer-driven automation examples from Amazon, Tesla and Walmart.)

CMX, The Use Cases For Advanced Analytics

  • How CMX translates complex data into the context of an employee's day-to-day job for faster and/or automated decisions

  • How CMX is not a SAAS product (and the implications for improved security)

  • A real world example for retailers, looking at how CMX helps a retailer to react to unexpected events such as changes in weather.

Who Can Find Value In CMX?

Examples from our current conversations include:

  • A global consumer electronics brand, where CMX could play to its strengths of handling a large sku portfolio within a global omnichannel strategy

  • A large fresh foods brand whose customers are supermarkets, with the pain point of a lengthy sales process but very short order lead time.

  • In the FMCG sector, a global confectionery company looking to improve planogram compliance.

What Are The Integration Challenges For Retailers?

Exploring the principle challenges including:

  • How AltViz approaches integration: starting small, scaling out.

  • The downstream integrations, e.g. with communications tools such as SMS or Slack

  • Why our containerisation of CMX is better for security and for controlling data access

  • The learning curve for business users

How Does CMX Use Machine Learning?

  • How companies can profit from ML by using CMX to move processes stage by stage from manual, human actions to automated ones

  • A real world example of how AI can structure previously unstructured data to give meaningful insights

  • How CMX uses ML to validate and sensecheck thresholds set by humans

These are just brief videos with our high level insights - they don’t broach the true complexity of your business and there’s so much more we could talk about.

To discuss what we can do for your specific use case and business need, simply contact us by phone or email here.