A library of 18 additional Graph & Chart Assets for the Balsamiq Mock-Ups tool. Perfect for wireframing your dashboards and admin interfaces.


The Graphs by Numbers:




Square (1:1)
Widescreen (16:9)


Micro/'Sparkline' (150px high)
Small/Thumbnail (300px high)
Medium/Normal (600px high)
Large/In-your-face (900px high)


What does the Chart Bundle cost?

Single User License 

For use by you in your personal copy of Balsamiq.

Company-wide License

For use by anyone/everyone in your
company, in any copy of Balsamiq.


Why not just draw our own Chart?

If you got the skills and the time to burn, by all-means go for it. That's what we did!

But, for the price of less than an hour of billable time, you get multiple hours worth of productive benefit.

Plus.. it's the gift that keeps on giving: Every time we update the bundle with new and improved graphs you, as a valued customer, get them absolutely gratis without having to lift a finger.

Why wait? Have your charts ready to go in Balsamiq within minutes.


Who would use these Graphs?

  • Project managers whipping-up a web page wireframe

  • UI/UX specialists prototyping a new interface

  • Developers noodling-together an idea to show co-workers

  • Graphic Designers blocking-out layouts early in a project

  • Product Managers communicating their thoughts to the team

  • Data-vis specialists iterating on dashboard designs


Are these Charts Vectors?

No, they are images. Unfortunately Balsamiq doesn't currently allow you to add new vector assets.

However, in order to get around this, we provide the images in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios. So you can choose the one that looks best in your design and you don't have the problem of images looking really bad when they are squashed, stretched, and resized too much.


Who are AltViz?

We are small company that build bespoke dashboards and bespoke visualisation products for our clients. Through this work we tend to work with and use lots of charts, graphs, maps, and other visual representations of data.

We love using Balsamiq to mock-up ideas and wireframes when working with our clients, but, got frustrated with the limited array of chart types offered. So.. we sat down and produced a load more. Then we thought: 'If we find them useful, then surely others will too' and this bundle is the end-result.

Best Regards,

AltViz Team

PS: We also know how to plumb applications together, mine data, and build bespoke data-visualisations. If you have a particular project in mind, we'd be delighted to discuss your needs.