AI to bring better efficiencies, experiences and perhaps programmatic bias - The Drum 2018 Review

[Quote from The Drum]

Richie Barter, CEO, AltViz

We’ve seen a lot of AI being used in marketing automation, trying to find patterns in companies’ data to link things up across the customer journey and to allow them to do attribution, but that’s probably marketing automation version 1.0.

Where marketing teams have an untapped opportunity is in thinking how the adoption of automation across the whole business can create opportunities for them. As supply chains are automated, for example, what does that mean for marketing campaigns? AI will take marketers out of their bubble.

One of the things we’re looking at is quality assurance around customer service calls. We’re trying to ensure they go well by using AI to monitor them. What opportunities could the data arising out of that create for marketing?

Then looking ahead, there’s the question of infrastructure. The adoption of the public cloud is progressing. People are cleaning up their data and bringing it together while rationalising their IT stack. So, the big opportunity will be co-ordinating and scaling automation across the entire business. There are currently pockets of automation projects in businesses, but as things mature, you’ll need a cloud-based automation platform. I see the operational and IT teams involved in these discussions, but generally not marketing. Marketing isn’t looking into the supply chain, for example, but what happens there will have an enormous impact on their campaigns and brand.