The Age Of Intelligent Automation: How Will Procurement Be Affected?

Procurement leaders and their teams are under increasing pressure to cope with a greater diversity of suppliers, products, and data. In parallel, they are asked to become ‘digital-first’ and offer strategic insights to the business. This is a challenging ask, especially when managing costs across every element of the organisation.

AltViz is working with procurement departments across multiple sectors to help them deliver better business outcomes. We’ve seen their approaches change in the last months and years. In this whitepaper, we’ve summarised our insights into the pressures faced by procurement teams and how they are dealing with them using automation.

In particular, we look at the use of intelligent automation for:

  • Prewarning signals to allow business to react faster to changing environments

  • Improved spend classification driving better pricing and use metrics

  • Fraud analysis in real time

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The Age Of Intelligent Automation - How Will Procurement Be Affected?