AltViz Selected as “Best AI Product in Insurance” Finalist at Cognition X 2019

In June, the AltViz Intelligent Automation Platform was selected by the Cognition X 2019 Annual Awards as “Best AI Product in Insurance” finalist for our innovative work in improving customer care in insurance.

After receiving critical acclaim from CogX for our platform technology, our CEO Richie Barter was invited to talk at the conference by Julian Harris, Head of AI Technology Research for CogX and ex-Google Product Owner. Richie spoke about our latest innovations using AI to monitor Voice of the Customer across call centre and digital interactions using automated speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP).

You can see the video of Richie speaking at the conference below alongside some of the best companies innovating in customer care within AI.

Harris curated the session which also included presentations from Contexta360, Robocopy, Intercom.

About CogX

CogX is the biggest festival in AI - bringing together innovators from all fields (tech founders, data scientists, business executives, politicians, and investors) together at a 3-day annual conference. 

With 12 stages and over 500 speakers, it encourages attendees to engage in thought-provoking discussions with the goal of tackling the Envision2030 Global Goals of the UN.

You can see the video from the conference below:

Soon we will be releasing a white paper from our Senior Data Scientist Mark Hodnett on our cutting edge work in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).