At AltViz we feel the need to solve hard problems every day. Our team is united by the values of tenacity, integrity, and curiosity.

So, once we’re gripped by a challenge, we don’t let go, we don’t lower our standards, and we push the boundaries of what can be possible.

Our Beginning
We got our start over six years ago when our founder Richie Barter decided to turn his career in financial services into building a company which would bring the same attitude of making better decisions faster to other industries. Since then, we’ve expanded to offices in London and Cork and built up an enviable team of engineers and business professionals.

Our Strengths
Our focus is on building products. In the last six years, we’ve built, sold, and implemented innovation analytics products on four continents. As testament to our experience and talent, in 2017 we raised venture capital funding because our backers know we can solve hard problems at scale.

Our Products
To solve these problems, our products leverage innovative analytics, the latest algorithmic research, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and secure cloud infrastructure.

What’s Next
Now, we are expanding our client base and growing fast. So, take a look at our team and our products, and if you need to automate manual processes at scale, or automate high volume decisions, then contact us today to discuss how we could develop a PoC for your business.