Automate Complex Business Processes in Record Time

intelligent automation platform

Our intelligent automation platform combines AI, machine learning and cloud computing to deliver scalable operational automation in just 8 weeks.

It works with your existing systems and doesn't require an army of data scientists or IT consultants to implement.

Eliminate complex, manual tasks that involve data analysis and multiple systems.

Easily Automate Your Enterprise

If you have manual processes which use data to drive decisions and trigger actions, we can help.

Our flexible platform enables automation throughout your business often connecting disparate systems and divisions for the first time.

Need some inspiration, check out some of the ways we can help. And if your specific problem isn’t listed, let’s chat.

intelligent automation for Sales


Monitor and improve sales performance across division, channel, product or team

Provide holistic customer relationship data to prioritise upselling

intelligent automation for Service


Automate customer onboarding processes across departments

Lower the cost to serve and improve the customer experience

intelligent automation for Procurement


Access trends and deep insight on enterprise purchasing behaviour

Enable self-service procurement processes

intelligent automation for Operations


Monitor KPIs across multiple systems and trigger conditional actions

Optimise demand planning and logistics to decrease waste and increase output

intelligent automation for Finance


Automate repetitive financial tasks, going beyond RPA

Syndicate business intelligence whilst controlling access to sensitive data

intelligent automation for IT


Automate anomaly detection across logs and other data streams

Extend legacy systems and reduce reliance on point solutions


Multi-Functional Platform, Multiple Uses


The AltViz Intelligent Automation Platform consists of four core services, configurable to your business requirements

Scalable Infrastructure, Intelligent Automation, Microservices

Scalable Infrastructure

Runs on the cloud (public or private) or on premise using microservices for easy configuration

Data Mining, Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence

Data Mining

Ingest and transform voice and text data using artificial intelligence

Dynamic Analytics, Intelligent Automation, Machine Learning

Dynamic Analytics

Apply machine learning techniques to quickly analyse large volumes of data

Automated Processes, Intelligent Automation, Business Process Automation

Automated Processes

Generate recommendations and trigger actions based on complex (if/then) logic


If you dream of automation, we can make it a reality.

In just 15 minutes, we will listen to your ideas and validate how our platform can help.



Connect to Internal and External Data Sources


Enterprise Software

AltViz have provide software that is compatible with Workday, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP Hana,

Communication Platforms

The AltViz Intelligent Automation Platform provides automated communications compatible with Nice, Twillo, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace, Evernote


The AltViz Intelligent Automation Platform is compatible with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud,

Industry Specific Platforms

The AltViz Intelligent Automation platform is compatible with Guidewire, Oracle Netsuite, Tamenos


The AltViz Intelligent Automation Platform is compatible with databases including Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2,


External Data

Logistics, Travel, Weather, Finances, Currency, Social Media,



– Information Age June 2017



Case Studies

Helping Businesses Automate Complex Processes with Ease

Find your automation inspiration from these successful organisations. Learn how they use the AltViz intelligent automation platform to boost sales, decrease waste, scale compliance and improve customer satisfaction. If you can dream of something to automate, we can help make it a reality.

The AltViz Intelligent Automation platform helped eBay sellers increase average sales vs. forecast 295%

eBay sellers increase average sales vs. forecast 295%

Corporate sellers struggle to optimise their channel performance on eBay due to the size and variety of the marketplace. eBay approached AltViz to improve seller performance by analysing millions of live listings daily to determine the characteristics of top performers.

AltViz generated 207 million automated recommendations per month by SKU using our platform to improve seller listing performance.

The AltViz Intelligent Automation Platform provides solutions for Cloud, Recommendations, Feedback Loop

1.3 Billion

Listings analysed monthly

207 Million

Recommendations generated per month


Increase in average sales vs. forecast of 2,157 SKUs in just 35 days

The AltViz Intelligent Automation platform helped Hovis slash food waste by 50% through automated order processing

Hovis slashes food waste 50% by automating order processing

Hovis make and deliver over a million loaves of bread daily. Time constraints require production to commence using estimated orders and a lag in order processing results in significant food waste.

AltViz automated the order processing process to compare daily orders to their daily estimate and sent alerts to each production facility in real time for any orders with large variance.


And measurable ROI


Reduction in food waste for express orders

8 Days

From concept to live production

Global insurer automates call centre quality assurance for ~80% of calls

Global insurer automates call centre quality assurance for ~80% of calls

The motor claims division of a leading global insurer manually audit 5% of calls to confirm they are categorised correctly, comply with regulation and support a positive customer experience. Miscategorisation leads to increased cost and decreased customer satisfaction.

AltViz automated the review of these calls by translating them to text and using machine learning to identify calls requiring intervention, providing automated quality assurance and compliance at scale.

Voice, Inference Engine, Automated Process


Call recordings annually


Estimated increase in QA from ~5%

Private Cloud

Deployment with minimal IT spend